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How to play in Pokdeng on GClub Casino?

The primary speciality of casinos is the games they offer. The wager and the unfolding of the events depending completely on one's luck provide an undeniable thrill and excitement. The casinos have a lively and vibrant atmosphere which only serves to make it so much better. These games offered by the casinos include different card games, dice games, slot machine games, etc. Even on the online platforms, the main goal of casinos is to provide these games on a digital platform and keep their audience entertained. GClub is one such casino that provides a wide range of games for its viewers. One such game which is available on GClub and is designed to keep you entertained is Pokdeng.

What is Pokdeng?

Pokdeng is one of the best table games in Thailand. It is available in the online casinos. It is designed with the goal that the players make the best out of their bets and gambles. It can be played with a live dealer. The online casino of GClub can be accessed from any place and at any time. Pokdeng envisions the spirit of Thai gambling. Through GClub casino, you can play this game and bring this spirit into your home. Some of these casinos let you play online bounce and use your best strategies to improve yourself at this game and make the most out of it.

This game is designed such that about 17 players can play it, including the dealer. The focus of the game is to beat the dealer with two bounce cards, three bounce cards and flush cards. The game presents the opportunity to bring out various playing styles of the players. Thus this game is more fun and entertaining with many players. It is best when this game is played with eight players, no more and no less.

How to Play Pok Pok?

Given below are the steps to play this game.

● First of all, all the players place their bets.

● The dealer shuffles the deck of cards.

● The player fighting the dealer decides if the game is to be continued clockwise or counterclockwise.

● The dealer then deals the cards to all the players and saves the last two for himself, while the remaining cards in the deck are kept aside to be drawn from.

● The players then decide if to play with the cards they have or draw from the deck, i.e., fight, draw or stay.

● The dealer then compares the cards with the chosen players.

● The dealer can then draw more cards.

● The dealer then again compares his cards with the remaining players.

Then, according to the various rules and card points, the outcome of the game is decided.


This game is a classic Thai gambling game. It can be played by as many as seventeen members, including the dealer. Different card game and mathematical strategies can be used to play and score advantages in this game. It is one of the most authentic and fun card games available on GClub online casino.



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Pokdeng on GClub Casino
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