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These types of programs are ideal for anyone looking for corrective or injury preventive type training, such as pre/post rehab, or pre/post natal. They are designed to relieve discomfort, ease aches and pains and improve physical function and performance.

Pre-Surgery Strengthening Program
While the benefits of post-surgery rehab are apparent, the advantages of a pre-surgery strengthening program are less well known. Whether or not the surgery is orthopedic in nature, working out the weeks prior to surgery has been shown to decrease the effects of bed rest, assist with healing time and help to improve mental outlook.

Both area specific training and general conditioning are beneficial in preparation for surgery. If the surgery is planned to target one specific limb (either an arm or leg), spend extra time strengthening that area with unilateral movements. For example, knee extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, squats and one legged balance training on the affected side would be beneficial for an upcoming knee surgery.

Keep in mind that the stronger your body is going into surgery, the less noticeable the effects of disuse will be later as you take time off to heal.

When injured, always check with your physician prior to working for specifications of what is safe regarding your injury. Then, once you are cleared, put the extra time in before surgery to help make your recovery that much quicker!
Pre-natal and Post-natal Programs
The most important step in planning an exercise program during pregnancy is to talk with your doctor. Based on your individual medical history and any complications with your pregnancy, your doctor can make the best recommendation as to the type of exercise program right for you.

Exercise during pregnancy can help improve your mood; reduce bloating and swelling; promote muscle tone, strength and endurance; help you sleep better; increase energy; and alleviate lower back pain.

Pre-natal assessment and re-assessments are reviewed each trimester to modify exercise intensity, duration and mode while adapting to the biomechanical changes as the pregnancy advances.

Post-natal assessment of new mothers is evaluated to identify strength imbalances and changes in flexibility, posture and nutritional needs. Achieve ideal body weight quickly, and safely while re-strengthening the abdominal wall. Cope with stress and lack of sleep. Learn correct body alignment so you can maintain good posture with your new baby.
Assess flexibility, posture, joint function, movement patterns, nutrition and lifestyle factors, and goals.
Enhance your level of conditioning in strength, cardiovascular, balance and flexibility.
Focus on the areas you need to improve with corrective and therapeutic exercises.
Strengthen and stabilize your joints, improve coordination and body alignment.
Relief of stress in areas such as back ache, neck and shoulder soreness, knee pain, bad posture, disc related pain, TMJ problems, frozen shoulder, long term chronic pain.
Work on injury prevention training techniques.
Gain an increased sense of control.


Specifically selected exercises for improved cardiovascular, flexibility, mobilizations and strength movements that enhance your daily functions and reduce or eliminate pain to improve the quality of your life.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends regular exercise to help you look and feel better during a time when your body is changing.

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