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800 South Franklin Street
Holbrook MA 02343


Kim Armstrong

Club Hours
Sunday: 7:00am - 3:00pm
Monday - Friday: 6:00am-9:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am-5:00pm

Your Time Is Valuable
Maximize Your Results ...
Hire a personal trainer who will develop a safe result driven fitness plan that works.

Meet Our Trainers

New Member Orientation
Jump Start Intro Package
Ultimate Weight Loss
Yoga & Pilates
Sports Conditioning
Senior Health & Wellness
Youth Fitness
Group & Partner Training
Remedial Programs
Personal Training

This is not just a package, this is the ultimate plan for a healthy lifestyle! Your personal trainer will motivate, inspire, and educate you on how to be consistent with your efforts to achieve your weight loss goals!

A 12-36 pound weight loss result in 12 weeks with renewed energy and self esteem!
Evaluation of your resting metabolic rate and goals with a step by step plan that will motivate and inspire you.
Your own personalized and motivating tracking program with weekly body composition testing to keep you on the right track.
Daily Calorie Needs based on your lean mass and activity level. As well as the brake down of calories per meal requirements.
Full access to our online nutrition program where you can improve your daily nutrient requirements. Plan your meals and share menus with other members. View the demo
Become educated on how to adjust your calorie needs as your activity level changes. This will empower you to avoid plateaus and setbacks!
Learn about nutritional supplements to enable you to make healthy eating choices while on the go. Not only will you achieve your weight loss goals faster with supplementation, but they also taste great and are good for you.
Learn the correct exercises and training heart rate for your individual needs. Avoid and prevent injury!
Motivation and inspiration from your trainer to empower you to feel great every day!


If you are serious about losing the weight once and for all, this is the ultimate program for you. There are no fad diets or gimmicks. Your personal trainer will customize a workout program to keep you on track to burning body fat, while speeding up your metabolism and toning & defining every muscle in your body.

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